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Lightcycle Assembly Detail
Matthew Hagerty, Jun 2006 (
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Main chassis before cutting, made up of a cylinder and 'L' shaped polygon.

Fender (sheered cylinder) and engine.

Lightjet and transmission cones.

Placement of fender, lightjet, transmission, and engine within the chassis.

Rear wheel-well cutters. Note that these cutters also cut the canopy.

Rear wheel-well cutters placement within the chassis.

Completed chassis.

Windshield and Wings

Windsheid, note the slight taper that matches the canopy.

Wing ellipse and polygon, joined with a boolean AND operation.

Completed Wings.

Canopy, Sides, and Trim

Main canopy.

Canopy shoulders are made from two tori.



Sides added back in.

Canopy and windshield added back in.

Wings and canopy shoulders added back in to form the completed body.


Front and rear wheels. Note the front wheel does not have a hub.

Front and rear axles, rear hub, front and rear spokes.

Completed lightcycle.