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3D Images and Models Inspired by the Movie TRON
Matthew Hagerty, Jun 2006 (
For commercial use, anything TRON is probably copyright Walt Disney Pictures.

Lightcycle Part Reference - My names for each part of the lightcycle to make discussion easier.

Lightcycle Notes - Notes and reference points from the original geometry.

Lightcycle Construction Detail - Shows the construction of the various lightcycle parts used during assembly.

Lightcycle Assembly Detail - Shows the assembly of a lightcycle piece by piece. Animated version coming soon.

Scene 1

Copying a scene from the movie to see how my work stacks up.

Scene 2

Different angle of the above scene.

Parallel Render 1

Viewing the model in Realsoft 3D.

Parallel Render 2

Rendered as glass.

Parallel Render 3

Stealth Lightcycle! Rendered as mirror.

Parallel Render Isometric

Parallel test render.

Parallel Render All Sides

Comparing my model to the original. Note that all available images of lightcycles from the movie are rendered with prerspective.