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Easy Image Share 2.0

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Well, after 2 years of offering Easy Image Share for sale, and selling a whopping 4 copies, I decided it was time to just cut my losses and give it way. So, here you go. Enjoy. Oh, if you like it, please consider sending a donation. Thanks!

What does Easy Image Share do? Read on...

Easy Image Share lets you quickly arrange photos and images, add a caption, rotate them if necessary, then when you are ready it will resize the images and package them all into a single PDF document which you can then easily email to people, or share via a USB drive or something. The goal here was total ease of use as well as speed. Easy Image Share is not a replacment for a graphic program, but rather a nice simple tool to let you share your photos and images fast and easy.

I would dare say you can't find a faster and easier way to share a bunch of photos from your 5 mega-pixel camera with someone via email - without totally clogging their inbox with huge 2MB image files. If you find something better, I want to know.

For those who like lists, here are the main features:

  • Automatically resizes your photos and images
  • Image quality selector allows making PDF's that are best for email, printing, or anything in between.
  • Built in rotate, flip, and mirror tools
  • Captions
  • Three page layouts
  • Quick Preview
  • Offline or online viewing
  • Printing looks exactly like it does on the screen
  • Can be protected with passwords

Easy Image Share runs on Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista.

Viewing PDF files requires a PDF viewer such as Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader.

Supported Image Formats

Windows or OS/2 Bitmap File BMP
Dr. Halo CUT
DirectDraw Surface DDS
Graphics Interchange Format GIF
Windows Icon ICO
JPEG Network Graphics JNG
Independent JPEG Group JPG, JIF, JPEG, JPE
Commodore 64 Koala format KOA
Multiple Network Graphics MNG
Portable Bitmap (ASCII) PBM
Portable Bitmap (BINARY) PBM
Kodak PhotoCD PCD
Zsoft Paintbrush PCX bitmap PCX
Portable Graymap (ASCII) PGM
Portable Graymap (BINARY) PGM
Portable Network Graphics PNG
Portable Pixelmap (ASCII) PPM
Portable Pixelmap (BINARY) PPM
Adobe Photoshop PSD
Sun Rasterfile RAS
Truevision Targa files TGA, TARGA
Tagged Image File Format TIF, TIFF
Wireless Bitmap WBMP
X11 Bitmap Format XBM
X11 Pixmap Format XPM

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